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Development Challenges

The development challenges include inadequate access to administrative services in rural areas due
to poor administrative infrastructures and weak lower local governments, difficulties in attracting and retaining staff, the growing burden of pension and gratuity arrears vis-à-vis the declining local revenue, inadequate disclosure of programmes and projects by some development partners, abrupt policy changes and directives from the Central Government, inadequate logistical capacity, slow response to procurement  planning requirements,  unsatisfactory response from providers; and the growing demand for public information for effective public relations.

Insufficient  data  for  revenue  planning,  narrow  revenue  base,  poor  taxpaying  culture  among  the community,  declining  Donor  funding,  low  compliance  with  the  LGFARs  and  other  legal  frame work

The  challenges  facing  the  Council  and  Statutory  Bodies  Sector  include  meagre  local  revenue
(inadequate  funding)  and  unfavourable  Central  Government  policies  on  rates  of  Councillors‟ allowances that do not consider the Local Revenue potential to support the operations of Council and  its  standing  committees.  The  determination  of  minimum  rates  of  allowances  payable  to  the District  Councillors  against  the  low  revenue  has  led  to  persistent  transaction  of  Council  and Committee businesses on credit.

There is also declining budget for the District Land Board and Local Government Public Accounts
Committee, which has curtailed the functional capacities of these statutory organs of the Council.

Low  agricultural  production  and  productivity,  low  capacity  to  deliver  effective  and  efficient advisory  services  to  farmers,  high  incidences  of  diseases,  pests,  vectors,  vermin  and  predators infestation  which  affect  crops,  livestock,  fish  and  honey  production  and  productivity.  Limited access  to  business  development  services  e.g.  marketing  and  financing.  The  attributing  factors include    climate    change    and    un-recommended    husbandry    practices,    inadequate    product development knowledge and skills.

Accessibility and utilization of quality health services delivery is stumpy due to inadequate health infrastructure (staff house, wards, latrines, water and power, transport, communication and referral services),  human  resource  for  health,  logistics  and  health  supplies  and  limited  health  data management system.

The high level of child and maternal mortality rates attributed to the high cases of HIV/AIDs/TB, malaria, diarrhoeal diseases and increasing cases of non-communicable diseases; low reproductive health services (EmONC), Malnutrition, especially among children is still sky-scraping with recent survey showing that (30 percent child stunting, 5 percent wasting and 16.7 percent retardation); the poor hygiene and sanitation at household level.

The main challenges facing basic education in the district are access, retention    and quality. The attributing factors  include  long walking distance  to  the  nearest  schools,  poor  access  roads,  high level of poverty in the households, gender bias against girl child education. Other factors like poor infrastructure  and  learning  environment  also  impact  negatively on  the  good  policy of  automatic promotions   under   Universal   Primary   Education.   While   inadequate   instructional   materials especially for the lower primary, ineffective school management and poor teachers‟ remunerations hinder good performance.

Difficulty  in  accessing  socio-economic  services  due  to  poor  road    condition,  bottlenecks  and network, other parts of the district are remote as they are not linked with road networks, human activities/development   in   the   road   reserves,   low   community   participation   in   road   works, inadequate knowledge on road policies and regulations, operation  and maintenance of feeder and community access roads and buildings.

Inadequate  safe  water  sources  in  return  villages  and  drying  up  of  water  facilities  especially  of springs and shallow wells still pose a big challenge in water sector. The likely factors for drying of wells include irresponsible human activities around water sources, climate change and siltation of abandoned water facilities and poor quality of point water sources in urban and peri-urban areas.

Other challenges in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) are the negative community attitude towards  best  hygiene  and  sanitation  practices,  unplanned  settlement  in  rural  growth  centres  and inability of  community to contribute towards development of WASH facilities and its operation and maintenance.

There are rampant disputes over land boundaries and ownership due to inadequate knowledge on
the  land  laws  in  the  district  and  over  dependence  on  Natural  Resources;  people  have  limited alternatives livelihood sources leading to environmental degradation.

There  is  inadequate  institutional  capacity  to   deliver  Social  development  sector  services  at community   level,   coupled   with   difficulty   in   accessing   and   disseminating   information   on development  issues  as  result  of  low  community  participation,  negative  attitudes,  illiteracy  and perception towards development programmes.

Community development is hindered by high level of Gender Based Violence, low participation of men in reproductive health issues, negative cultural influence, limited involvement of PWD‟s and older persons. These have been compounded by low observance of human rights (children, PWDs, older  persons,  workers  and  women)  which  have  resulted  into  increasing  numbers  of  vulnerable persons in the community.

Often communities present narrow concepts of development agenda when articulating needs and priorities. This is aggravated by low participation, which is attributed to lack of public awareness
on  civil  rights,  roles  and  responsibilities  of  the  citizen  to  influence  government  and  non- government interventions to their full advantage.

LLGs  lack  local  resources  to  commit  to  planning  activities.  For  many  occasions  the  approved budgets  have  little  to  indicate  any  commitments  to  take  the  planning  process  through  at  the community  and  parish  levels.   Again,  a  number  of  the  key  players  (planners)  especially  at  the
Lower Local Government levels have huge capacity gap in basic data analysis, interpretations and use in planning and budgeting decisions.

Sometimes unreliable and inaccurate data are presented in the development plans which conflict with  other  official  statistical  sources.  Furthermore,  district  development  planning  process  is  not evidence   based   due   to   weak   management   information   systems   especially   at   lower   local government levels.  This is attributed to limited resources for the generation and utilization of data
for decision making and planning.

There is a high population growth rate (2.9%) without much awareness created on the trends and implications  in  development  process.  The  fast-growing  population  and  young  age  structure represent enormous challenges to the district. This is driven by a very high fertility rate of nearly eight children per woman, creating strains on the quality of education and health care provisions and the district‟s natural resources, which drive up the poverty rate.

Monitoring the implementation of plan has lagged behind due to insufficient resources to assess
the results and impacts of the deliverables from programmes and projects in the community.

The community takes little interest on issues regarding public investment which results in their low participation    in    development    management    and    monitoring    of    project    implementation. Consequently there is little impact of completed programmes/projects due to poor documentation
by the user groups and other stakeholders.

The low revenue base has led ever to low budget allocations for audit service. This explains why some mandatory obligations have not been done by the Internal Audit Department as evidenced by
the number of schools and health centers that have not been audited as required.
Some programmes and projects do not provide for audit services yet inspections, verification of all works and goods and services are key to assure value for money for all funds.

Non-compliance to the rules and regulations that govern the use of public funds; procurement and disposal  of  public  assets,  and  human  resource  management  in  the  district  to  ensure  value  for money for all public funds is also another challenge.

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